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Zwart, David (author)
LoRaWAN is a public Wireless Sensor network with excellent properties like being long-range, low-energy radios and resulting in long battery life. Devices are connected to this network through gateways, and they will run in that deployment for years without replacement. Therefore, bugs and security issues in such devices' firmware are present...
master thesis 2022
Zhang, Remy (author), Becoy, Alexander James (author)
This thesis focuses on improving the readout of the ADome by implementing MCUs at each antenna probe, enabling local sampling and memory storage. The serial communication protocols CAN, SPI and I2C are considered and compared with one another. Ultimately, CAN is decided due to its robustness and simplicity which make the system cheap and ensures...
bachelor thesis 2021
Huiskes, Martijn (author), Miao, Michael (author)
Fruit-frost during spring is one of the main causes of damage to the harvest of fruit in orchards. Various systems using different methods of preventing spring-frost are available on the market. To determine when these systems should be activated, the temperature in the orchard needs to be determined. In this project, a self-sustaining...
bachelor thesis 2020