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Salmon, J.E. (author), Holthuijsen, L.H. (author), Smit, P.B. (author), Van Vledder, G.P. (author), Zijlema, M. (author)
This paper presents the application of new source terms in SWAN for the dominant water wave physics in the coastal zone: depth-induced breaking and triad wave-wave interactions. We present results demonstrating increased modelling skill in the prediction of bulk wave parameters e.g. significant wave height and of the spectral shape compared to...
conference paper 2014
Hope, M.E. (author), Westerink, J.J. (author), Kennedy, A.B. (author), Kerr, P.C. (author), Dietrich, J.C. (author), Dawson, C. (author), Bender, C.J. (author), Smith, J.M. (author), Jensen, R.E. (author), Zijlema, M. (author), Holthuijsen, L.H. (author), Luettich, R.A. (author), Powell, M.D. (author), Cardone, V.J. (author), Cox, A.T. (author), Pourtaheri, H. (author), Roberts, H.J. (author), Atkinson, J.H. (author), Tanaka, S. (author), Westerink, H.J. (author), Westerink, L.G. (author)
Hurricane Ike (2008) made landfall near Galveston, Texas, as a moderate intensity storm. Its large wind field in conjunction with the Louisiana-Texas coastline's broad shelf and large scale concave geometry generated waves and surge that impacted over 1000 km of coastline. Ike's complex and varied wave and surge response physics included: the...
journal article 2013