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van Vledder, G.P. (author), Hofland, B. (author), Tuin, Henry (author), van Maris, Bob (author)
This paper describes a numerical evaluation of design rules for the determination of wave loads of non-breaking waves on vertical structures. Design guidelines were proposed by Sainflou (1928) and Goda (1974). These guidelines use geometric parameters of the structure, an incident wave height and a wave period. In practice (cf. CERC, 1984), a...
conference paper 2019
van Maris, Bob (author)
During the design process of the new sea lock in IJmuiden the design wave conditions were described by a bimodal wave spectrum. With a spectral calculation method it was observed that a small low frequency component leaded to a large influence in the force spectrum. This observation served as the starting point for this thesis, where different...
master thesis 2018