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Kool, J.J. (author), De Gijt, J.G. (author), Groenewegen, L. (author)
Finite element method (FEM) is increasingly applied as a first choice tool for designing structures. The same trend is seen in probabilistic designing. Consequently, the application of the combination of these two methods is discussed in this paper.In this study the presence of potential overcapacity in a structure has been studied. As an...
conference paper 2013
Kool, J.J. (author)
Jetties are designed by the guidance of the deterministic standards. These standards are based on the standardized values of safety factors (semi-probabilistic) and use the load and the capacity of every element as a standard value. The interaction of every separate element as a part of a whole is not taken in to account. The use of...
master thesis 2011