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Choupani, R. (author)
With the rapid improvements in digital communication technologies, distributing high-definition visual information has become more widespread. However, the available technologies were not sufficient to support the rising demand for high-definition video. This situation is further complicated when the network resources such as the available...
doctoral thesis 2017
Choupani, R. (author), Wong, S. (author), Tolun, M. (author)
Streaming multimedia data on best-effort networks such as the Internet requires measures against bandwidth fluctuations and frame loss. Multiple Description Coding (MDC) methods are used to overcome the jitter and delay problems arising from frame losses by making the transmitted data more error resilient. Meanwhile, varying characteristics of...
journal article 2012
Eberhard, M. (author), Kumar, A. (author), Mignanti, S. (author), Petrocco, R. (author), Uitto, M. (author)
Peer-to-Peer systems are nowadays a very popular solution for multimedia distribution, as they provide significant cost benefits compared with traditional server-client distribution. Additionally, the distribution of scalable content enables the consumption of the content in a quality suited for the available bandwidth and the capabilities of...
journal article 2011