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Cipriani, A. (author), Salvi, Michele (author)
Assign to each vertex of the one-dimensional torus i.i.d. weights with a heavy-tail of index τ−1>0. Connect then each couple of vertices with probability roughly proportional to the product of their weights and that decays polynomially with exponent α>0 in their distance. The resulting graph is called scale-free percolation. The goal of...
journal article 2024
Jonker, Stan (author)
In this thesis, we examine the kernel-based spatial random graph (KSRG) model, which is a generalisation of many known models such as long-range percolation, scale-free percolation, the Poisson Boolean model and age-based spatial preferential attachment. We construct a KSRG from a vertex set V = Z^d, assigning each vertex v ∈ V a weight Wv...
master thesis 2023