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Floreani, S. (author), Giardina', C. (author), Hollander, Frank den (author), Nandan, Shubhamoy (author), Redig, F.H.J. (author)
This paper considers three classes of interacting particle systems on Z: independent random walks, the exclusion process, and the inclusion process. Particles are allowed to switch their jump rate (the rate identifies the type of particle) between 1 (fast particles) and ϵ∈ [0 , 1] (slow particles). The switch between the two jump rates...
journal article 2022
van Ginkel, G.J. (author)
In this thesis we study the Symmetric Exclusion Process (SEP) and the Discrete Gaussian Free Field (DGFF) on compact Riemannian manifolds. In particular, we obtain the hydrodynamic limit and the equilibrium fluctuations of SEP and we show that the DGFF converges to its continuous counterpart. To define these discrete models, we construct grids...
doctoral thesis 2021
de Graaff, Jan (author)
In the divisible sandpile model, we consider a collection of i.i.d. Gaussian heights on a finite graph. It was shown by Levine et al. (2015) that the odometer function in this case equals a discrete, bi-Laplacian field. Subsequently, Cipriani et al. (2016) proved that the scaling limit of the odometer is a continuum bi-Laplacian field, this time...
bachelor thesis 2018