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Crielaard, Bram (author)
This thesis introduces the FrameVM virtual machine and the Framed language. This language gives developers a target to compile to which concisely follows the scopes-as-frames model. This model allows language developers to derive the memory model based on the scope graphs. The core building blocks of Framed are frames, which contain all data...
master thesis 2021
Bruin, Chiel (author)
Over the years virtual machines (VMs) have been created to abstract over computer hardware. This simplified code generation and allowed for easy portability between hardware platforms. These VMs are however highly tailored to a particular runtime model. This improves the execution speed, but places restrictions on the types of languages that the...
master thesis 2020
Poulsen, C.B. (author), Rouvoet, A.J. (author), Tolmach, Andrew (author), Krebbers, R.J. (author), Visser, Eelco (author)
A definitional interpreter defines the semantics of an object language in terms of the (well-known) semantics of a host language, enabling understanding and validation of the semantics through execution. Combining a definitional interpreter with a separate type system requires a separate type safety proof. An alternative approach, at least for...
journal article 2018