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Ning, Jinghua (author)
Effective planning and control are crucial for the successful delivery of engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) projects, which are characterized by complex organizational structures, interdependent activities, overlapping phases, and a large number of disciplines and participants. However, project uncertainty, including the lack of...
master thesis 2022
Satish Jyotsni, S.J. (author)
The trends in the high tech sector push towards creating and delivering better products to cope with the increasing demands of the customers. The projects of the high tech sector are referred to as Hardware (HW) development projects, which consist of both hardware and software (SW) development. Many organisations have been using traditional...
master thesis 2020
van Slobbe, Nesaneth (author)
In this research, a practical process framework is developed to facilitate the transition to circular urban area development (CUAD) of the MerweVierhavens (M4H). One of the five objectives of the Rotterdam Makers Districts is to become the pilot for the circular economy in the built environment of Rotterdam. M4H is an old harbour area that...
master thesis 2019
Shah, Ashni (author), Huidobro Pereda, Alfonso (author), Guerreiro Goncalves, M. (author)
Multidisciplinary agile teams working in fast paced, delivery-oriented sprint cycles of two weeks can experience moments of stuckness. Typically, these moments can be characterised by the inability to continue, which can be quite detrimental in agile settings, where time is pressured. This paper aims to explore these moments of stuckness, to...
conference paper 2019
Paseiro Cerrato, Ana (author)
Agile approaches can present processes in which involving end-users and handling user feedback can become a complex task. Companies do not want end-users to give their valuable time and feedback if at the end it is going to end up as another item in the endless to-do list of the development project. <br/><br/>During this graduation project, I...
master thesis 2018
Huijgens, H.K.M. (author), Lamping, Robert (author), Stevens, Dick (author), Rothengatter, Hartger (author), Gousios, G. (author), Romano, D. (author)
ING Bank, a large Netherlands-based internationally operating bank, implemented a fully automated continuous delivery pipeline for its software engineering activities in more than 300 teams, that perform more than 2500 deployments to production each month on more than 750 different applications. Our objective is to examine how strong metrics for...
conference paper 2017
Huijgens, H.K.M. (author), van Deursen, A. (author), van Solingen, D.M. (author)
In this paper, we attempt to understand what contributes to a successful process for managing legacy system evolution. We provide an analysis of a number of key performance indicators such as cost, duration, and defects. By normalizing through function points, we furthermore compare to a larger benchmark. To do so we performed a mixed,...
conference paper 2016
Heikkila, J. (author), Heikkila, M. (author), Bouwman, W.A.G.A. (author)
Business Model Innovation is attracting more and more attention from business as well as from academics. Business Model Innovation deals with both technological and knowledge related changes that either may disrupt or sustain existing product/market strategies. Timing of Business Model Innovation both with regard to the right moment as well as...
conference paper 2015
Freijser, F.S.H. (author)
This report is the result of a graduation project performed to obtain the Master degree at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at Delft. The graduation assignment has been executed for Centric, a Dutch IT company. One of its departments develops software for local governments and water boards to raise and collect taxes and to calculate...
master thesis 2014
Mulder, F.A. (author), Verlinden, J.C. (author), Maruyama, T. (author)
conference paper 2014
Studer, M. (author)
Problem Statement The most standard used process for developing software is currently Agile. Agile splits up the design process in so called two week “sprints” thereby making this process fast and efficient for developers. But current methods of usertesting don’t fit with this fast-paced process as, they are time consuming and too extensive....
master thesis 2013
Sanabria Laporte, A. (author)
In today’s highly competitive environment, it becomes increasingly common for many companies to face internal and external pressure for delivering their products and services with the lowest cost and/or fastest time possible. Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) has helped to release part of such pressure by enabling companies to gain cost...
master thesis 2012
Ghezza, M. (author), Boortman, R. (author)
The main goal of this project is to create a standalone application that can interact with the database of the e-commerce platform Magento. The user can use this program to collect data from his web shop database or put data back into his database.
bachelor thesis 2012
Schenkels, T. (author), Van der Wijst, H. (author), Van der Veen, E.S. (author), Snellink, F. (author)
Verslag van ons BSc eindproject waarbij we de Stay in Touch applicatie, een feed library en meer zaken opgeleverd hebben. Besproken worden oa. het proces (waaronder Scrum), de opgeleverde producten, kennis die we opgedaan hebben, evaluatie en aanbevelingen over verdere ontwikkeling.
bachelor thesis 2011
Op 't Land, M. (author), Krouwel, M.R. (author), Van Dipten, E.G. (author), Verelst, J. (author)
Both the Command and Control Support Centre (C2SC) of the Dutch Ministry of Defense, and Capgemini are constantly exploring better ways of building and maintaining information systems which ef- fectively support strategy and operations of an enterprise. In a Proof of Concept conducted in March and April 2011, together with University of Antwerp,...
conference paper 2011
Shammi, M. (author)
As companies have increasingly become dependent on IT to interact with clients, the issue of business agility has become one of IT agility. Companies look for agility in their business for flexibility and adaptation with respect to changing environments. They seek to make use of the market competencies and deliver customer-centric services to...
master thesis 2011
Risvelina, R. (author)
The aim of this research is to analyze an alternative way to conduct Agile Scrum methodology and its impact in innovative project by adding extra planning process at the beginning called visualization phase. The process is specifically designed to deal with innovative project where client begin with fuzzy ideas
master thesis 2010
Brussee, P.W.G. (author), Kraayenbrink, N. (author), Van Sambeek, S.P. (author)
During the last ten months, we have designed and developed a game for the Microsoft Imagine Cup. This game, built on the Cannibal Engine, was to revolve around the Millennium Development Goals. The obvious goal was to win the Imagine Cup, or at least to get as far as we could possibly can. Our team consisted of three programmers with little to...
bachelor thesis 2009
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