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van Rhijn, Thijs (author)
Within the KustGenese 2.0 research project a 5Mm3 pilot nourishment is created on the ebb-tidal delta of Ameland. For this thesis I was involved in the parties; Van den Herik, the contractor who executed the work, Deltares and Rijkswaterstaat. A tool is created to quickly analyse new surveys in combination with the ships deposit data. The tool...
master thesis 2019
Monclus Abadal, Albert (author)
Sandy barriers comprise 12% of coastlines around the world, and most of these barriers enclose tidal bays and lagoons. These systems accommodate human settlements vulnerable to climate change, which offer enough economic, social, and environmental utility to require further research on the impact of climate change and subsequent best management...
master thesis 2018
van Kempen, Oxana (author)
This study aims for a better understanding of the sediment pathways in San Francisco South Bay (South Bay). Many issues relevant to the Bay Area community such as shipping, recreational and commercial fishing, habitat restoration, human health, and environmental water quality are reliant on understanding sediment pathways (McKee et al. [2006])....
master thesis 2017