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Ali, W. (author), Enthoven, D.H.B. (author), Kirichek, Alex (author), Helmons, R.L.J. (author), Chassagne, C. (author)
For green energy transition, the industry seeks alternative resources for nickel and cobalt, the main ingredients for energy storage devices and other applications. Polymetallic nodules lying at the abyssal plain are rich in these mineral resources, which leads to an increased interest in deep-sea mining (DSM) of polymetallic nodules. During the...
conference paper 2022
Wijmans, Yannick (author)
Recently, deep-sea mining has acquired renewed interest from commercial companies due to a rise in the demand of minerals and metals. Deep-sea mining is focussed on different minerals and rare earth elements found in the oceans that are increasingly used in the manufacturing of goods and products related to renewable energy. In order to collect...
master thesis 2021