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Vigilanza Lorenzo, Pietro (author)
Machine Learning (ML) models are vulnerable to adversarial samples — human imperceptible changes to regular input to elicit wrong output on a given model. Plenty of adversarial attacks assume an attacker has access to the underlying model or access to the data used to train the model. Instead, in this paper we focus on the effects the data...
bachelor thesis 2022
Sharifi Noorian, S. (author), Psyllidis, A. (author), Bozzon, A. (author)
Street-level imagery contains a variety of visual information about the facades of Points of Interest (POIs). In addition to general mor- phological features, signs on the facades of, primarily, business-related POIs could be a valuable source of information about the type and iden- tity of a POI. Recent advancements in computer vision could...
conference paper 2019