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Smit, Jean-Paul (author)
Deep-learning (DL) models could greatly advance the automation of fact-checking, yet have not widely been adopted by the public because of their hard-to-explain nature. Although various techniques have been proposed to use local explanations for the behaviour of DL models, little attention has been paid to global explanations. <br/>In response,...
bachelor thesis 2023
Patel, Nirmal (author), Sharma, Aditya (author), Sellman, Collin (author), Lomas, J.D. (author)
This paper examines the use of “pacing plots” to represent variations in student learning sequences within a digital curriculum. Pacing plots are an intuitive and flexible data visualizations that have a potential for revealing the diversity of blended classroom instructional models. By using curriculum pacing plots, we identified several...
conference paper 2018
Khiari, J (author), Moreira-Matias, L (author), Cerqueira, Vitor (author), Cats, O. (author)
The efficiency of Public Transportation (PT) Networks is a major goal of any urban area authority. Advances on both location and communication devices drastically increased the availability of the data generated by their operations. Adequate Machine Learning methods can thus be applied to identify patterns useful to improve the Schedule Plan. In...
conference paper 2016