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Voulis, N. (author), van Etten, Max (author), Chappin, E.J.L. (author), Warnier, Martijn (author), Brazier, F.M. (author)
The European Union considers demand response to be an integral part of its future energy vision, in particular as a supporting mechanism for renewable resource integration. To achieve high demand response participation, the European Union recognises the need for adequate financial incentives for all consumers, especially for residential and...
journal article 2019
Voulis, N. (author), Warnier, Martijn (author), Brazier, F.M. (author)
Urban areas consist of a mix of households and services, such as offices, shops and schools. Yet most urban energy models only consider household load profiles, omitting the service sector. Realistic assessment of the potential for renewable resource integration in cities requires models that include detailed demand and generation profiles....
journal article 2017
Vermaas, D. (author)
Grid operators in the Netherlands are forced by regulations to introduce the smart metering service in the Netherlands. Consumers in the household have a better insight in their energy usage using the smart metering service. There are opportunities for the grid operator to cooperate with other service providers to share costs regarding the...
master thesis 2010