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Eijgenraam, Bram (author)
How to deal with the presence of weather affected data is an unavoidable topic in the processing of optical imagery. Clouds and cloud shadows significantly alter the spectral signatures obtained from satellite data, which often leads to problems for any kind of scientific analysis. In this research there has been elaborated on two different kind...
master thesis 2022
Zhou, K. (author), Lindenbergh, R.C. (author), Gorte, Ben (author)
Up-to-date 3D city models are needed for many applications. Very-high-resolution (VHR) images with rich geometric and spectral information and a high update rate are increasingly applied for the purpose of updating 3D models. Shadow detection is the primary step for image interpretation, as shadow causes radiometric distortions. In addition,...
journal article 2019
Alam, N. (author), Coors, V. (author), Zlatanova, S. (author), Van Oosterom, P.J.M. (author)
Due to global warming, green-house effect and various other drawbacks of existing energy sources, renewable energy like Photovoltaic system is being popular for energy production. The result of photovoltaic potentiality analysis depends on data quality and parameters. Shadow rapidly decreases performance of the Photovoltaic system and it always...
conference paper 2012