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Pakvis, Sara (author)
In recent developments in the field of multi-material additive manufacturing, differences in material properties are exploited to create printed shape memory structures, which are referred to as 4D-printed structures. New printing techniques allow for the introduction of prestresses in the specimen during manufacturing. This research focuses on...
master thesis 2021
Kaymenaki, Vassia (author)
The main objective of the current study is the investigation of the behavior of structural joints consisting of Shape Memory Polymers. Taking into account the large environmental impact caused by the massive production of structural materials, the change of the current structural design philosophy is becoming essential. Conventional structural...
master thesis 2018
van Manen, T. (author)
Materials and devices with advanced functionalities often need to include functionalities such as surface features into complex 3D geometries. Precisely controlled bio-nanopatterns, printed electric components and sensors/actuators are all examples of such surface features. However, the vast majority of the refined technologies that are...
master thesis 2017