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Motuzaitė, Justė (author)
Biogenic reefs built by mussels, oysters or other reef-building species are one of the most important biodiversity hotspots for estuarine and marine ecosystems providing food, shelter, and breeding grounds for a wide array of species. In the North Sea, one of the most important biogenic reef builders and ecosystem engineers is the European Flat...
master thesis 2023
Dommisse, Wilmine (author)
The main objective of this thesis is to increase the understanding of the effect of shellfish presence on the stability of loose rock revetments and to investigate the possibilities in the design. Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) and blue mussel (Mytilus edulis) presence on loose rock revetments was quantified. C. gigas and M. edulis are...
master thesis 2020
Ens, B.J. (author), Smaal, A.C. (author), De Vlas, J. (author)
This publication summarises the findings of the scientific research projects carried out as part of EVA II, the second phase in the evaluation of shellfish fisheries policy in the Zeeland Delta and the Wadden Sea, and relates these findings to other studies on the ecological effects of shellfish fisheries in the Wadden Sea and elsewhere. Four...
report 2004