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Zhang, Lei (author), Liu, Wenjie (author), Du, Zhe (author), Du, Lei (author), Li, Xiaobin (author)
Collision avoidance is a priority task for ensuring the safety of a maritime transportation system. However, for a ship towing system, which is characterized by multiple vessels and physical connections, the research works about collision avoidance is limited. Thus, this paper proposes a speed and heading control-based conflict resolution of...
journal article 2023
Du, Zhe (author), Negenborn, R.R. (author), Reppa, V. (author)
This paper proposes a multi-objective cooperative control method for a ship-towing system in congested water traffic environments. The control objectives are to coordinate multiple autonomous tugboats for transporting a ship to: (i) follow the waypoints, (ii) adjust the heading, (iii) track the speed profile, and (iv) resolve collisions. The...
journal article 2022