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Heinen, Jan (author)
Skateboarding involves a human controlling a four wheeled vehicle that is steered by tilting the standing surface. The riding mechanics of skateboarding have been well reported [2, 3]. The sport also includes aerial maneuvers such as jumping of stairs, flying off ramps and flipping and rotating the skateboard. The most basic aerial trick is...
master thesis 2022
Koole, W.R. (author)
This master thesis shows the design process behind a new product for the skateboard commuter; the ‘DeckPack’. A product that “allows users to flow from walking hands free to skateboarding during their journey”. It shows an analysis of the business aspects, the target-group and the existing products. It concludes with a final design, an...
master thesis 2016
Biella, M. (author)
Local skateboarders in Bandung still play skateboard on the streets since they consider to not have a designated/adequate space to practice their passion. Although the government addressed this issue by building the 1st skatepark only in 2014, it ended up being largely neglected/unused for its bad overall design and for being too small for...
master thesis 2015