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Wang, Xuerui (author)
The swift growth of air traffic volume stresses the importance of flight safety enhancement. Statistical data shows that fly-by-wire technology with automatic flight control systems can effectively reduce the fatal accident rate of loss of control in-flight. Although the dynamics of an aircraft are nonlinear and time-varying, it is common...
doctoral thesis 2019
Wang, Xuerui (author), Sun, S. (author), van Kampen, E. (author), Chu, Q. P. (author)
This paper proposes an Incremental Sliding Mode Control driven by Sliding Mode Disturbance Observers (INDI-SMC/SMDO), with application to a quadrotor fault tolerant control problem. By designing the SMC/SMDO based on the control structure of the sensor-based Incremental Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion (INDI), instead of the model-based Nonlinear...
journal article 2019