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Li, X. (author), Messali, F. (author), Esposito, R. (author)
This paper presents the results of an experimental campaign carried out to characterise the mechanical properties of multi-wythe masonry infrastructure in the city of Amsterdam. Samples were extracted from a 1.2 m thick bridge’s pillar constructed in 1882. For the characterisation of shear and compressive properties of masonry, tests on cores...
book chapter 2023
Jafari, S. (author), Rots, J.G. (author), Esposito, R. (author)
This study investigates the applicability of the core testing method to assess the complete nonlinear behavior of masonry in compression. A comparative experimental approach was adopted performing compressive tests on cores and companion wallets. Via a correlation study on seven objects, including literature data, a one-to-one correlation for...
journal article 2019