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Wagle, Raju (author), Pham, Le Nam Hai (author), Tricarico, Gioacchino (author), Rueda, José L. (author), Sharma, Pawan (author), Gonzalez-Longatt, Francisco (author)
With the rise of the integration of renewable energy sources, the operating characteristics of existing electric power distribution systems are evolving and changing. As a result, the digitalisation of the distribution network is gaining attention for effective real-time monitoring and control. Cyber-Physical cosimulation is one of the options...
conference paper 2023
Wagle, Raju (author), Sharma, Pawan (author), Sharma, Charu (author), Amin, Mohammad (author), Rueda, José L. (author), Gonzalez-Longatt, Francisco (author)
Future distribution networks (DN) are subject to rapid load changes and high penetration of variable distributed energy resources (DER). Due to this, the DN operators face several operational challenges, especially voltage violations. Optimal power flow (OPF)-based reactive power control (RPC) from the smart converter (SC) is one of the...
journal article 2023
Wagle, Raju (author), Tricarico, Gioacchino (author), Sharma, Pawan (author), Sharma, Charu (author), Rueda, José L. (author), Gonzalez-Longatt, Francisco (author)
Existing electric power distribution systems are evolving and changing as a result of the high renewable energy sources integration. Hence, future smart distribution networks will involve various technical challenges; one of them is real-time monitoring and controlling the network to operate it effectively and efficiently. This paper develops...
conference paper 2022