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Milchram, C. (author), Kunneke, R.W. (author), Doorn, N. (author), van de Kaa, G. (author), Hillerbrand, Rafaela (author)
In future urban energy systems, smart grid systems will be crucial for the integration of renewable energy. However, their deployment has moral implications, for example regarding data privacy, user autonomy, or distribution of responsibilities. ‘Energy justice’ is one of the most comprehensive frameworks to address these implications, but...
journal article 2020
Maxouri, Daniela (author)
Smart grid systems (SGSs) are often considered as enablers to the transition to a sustainable economy and power system, because they integrate ICT with renewable energy into the electricity grid. Seemingly, there are societal concerns regarding the impact of SGSs, which underlie ethical values. Due to a lack of understanding and thus...
master thesis 2018
Milchram, C. (author), Hillerbrand, R.C. (author), van de Kaa, G. (author), Doorn, N. (author), Kunneke, R.W. (author)
Smart grid systems are considered as key enablers in the transition to more sustainable energy systems. However, debates reflect concerns that they affect social and moral values such as privacy and justice. The energy justice framework has been proposed as a lens to evaluate social and moral aspects of changes in energy systems. This paper...
journal article 2018