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Holstvoogd, Jorijn (author)
Steady multiphase flow in two-dimensional (2D) porous media has not been established without the continuous fluctuation in pore occupancy. Cox (2019) proves the ability of liquid to bridge a gas-filled pore throat that is narrow and deeply etched, allowing liquid and gas to flow simultaneously. In this investigation, a pore network study was...
bachelor thesis 2020
Shah, S.Y. (author)
doctoral thesis 2019
Herru As Syukri, Herru (author)
Foam is useful as an enhanced oil recovery method to reduce gas mobility and prevent gravity override to improve sweep efficiency. Foam is generated in porous media when exceeding a critical velocity and pressure gradient, that usually occur near to an injection well. There is the uncertainty of foam generation in the low-pressure gradient and...
master thesis 2018