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Dong, Haosong (author), Cheng, Peiyao (author), Xue, H. (author)
Smart home systems not only serve users to fulfill pragmatic goals, but also ‘live with’ users. Despite the conceptual possibilities, it still remains unclear whether and what social roles current smart home systems are intended by the companies. In this paper, we report a retrospective study on 15 selected smart home systems (SHSs) on current...
conference paper 2023
Gioia, Stefania (author)
Scattering and mixing their roles, tools, space and knowledge, letting them interact with the environment, and translating it into a spatial intervention.<br/>This graduation project is about merging together two of my interests and passions and making an architectural project out of it. But also much more than that.<br/>Being involved in...
master thesis 2018