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Schouten, D.G.M. (author), Deneka, Agnes A. (author), Theune, Mariët (author), Neerincx, M.A. (author), Cremers, Anita H.M. (author)
People of low literacy could benefit from automated support when learning about societal participation. We design an Embodied Conversational Agent (ECA) ‘coach’ that can provide effective learning support to low-literate learners, develop a prototype virtual learning environment, and evaluate this prototype with low-literate end users. First,...
journal article 2022
Schouten, D.G.M. (author)
This thesis presents the research, design, and evaluation of the learning support system VESSEL: Virtual Environment to Support the Societal participation Education of Low-literates. The project was started from the premise that people of low literacy in the Netherlands participate in society less often and less effectively than literate people...
doctoral thesis 2020
Schouten, D.G.M. (author), Smets, N.J.J.M. (author), Driessen, Marianne (author), Fuhri, Knup (author), Neerincx, M.A. (author), Cremers, Anita H.M. (author)
People of low literacy experience difficulties while participating in society. Learning support software could help alleviate these difficulties. However, there is currently no overview of theoretically and empirically sound requirements for this kind of support. This paper uses the situated cognitive engineering method to create a...
journal article 2016