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Rustema, Roeland (author)
Agile management has revealed itself as a management approach that copes with an unclear product scope and fast-changing circumstances. This approach has gained popularity by projects in fast changing environments, such as the information technology (IT) industry. Nevertheless, many companies that adopted agile methods are still structured...
master thesis 2018
Kluiters, Thomas (author), Overweel, Leon (author), Vos, Daniël (author), Vos, Jelle (author)
ING wants to offer their customers the best experience possible. To achieve this goal, ING’s Customer Journey Experts (CJEs) constantly map and analyze the way customers use ING services in a Customer Journey Map. These maps however, are hard to share and collaborate on. ING needs an online tool in which they can, together with multiple people,...
bachelor thesis 2018
Studer, M. (author)
Problem Statement The most standard used process for developing software is currently Agile. Agile splits up the design process in so called two week “sprints” thereby making this process fast and efficient for developers. But current methods of usertesting don’t fit with this fast-paced process as, they are time consuming and too extensive....
master thesis 2013