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De Vries, H.C. (author), Benthem, M. (author)
This research focuses on fracture networks in sedimentary rocks within the Umbria-Marche fold-and-thrust belt in the Northern Apennines, Italy. The aim of this research is twofold, namely to correlate the geometry of fracture networks with tectonic position and lithology and to correlate the orientation of fracture networks with the origination...
bachelor thesis 2013
Van Oosterhout, D. (author), Ravestein, T. (author), Nolte, H. (author)
Analyzing core data for fracture analysis is restricted by costs and gives limited information. Outcrop studies with the software DigiFract give a more complete set of information about fractures. The aim of this research is to find correlations between fractures patterns, lithology and tectonic position in the area around Coldigioco, Marche,...
bachelor thesis 2012