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Mir, S.A.M. (author), Keshani, M. (author), Proksch, S. (author)
Reusing software libraries is a pillar of modern software engineering. In 2022, the average Java application depends on 40 third-party libraries. Relying on such libraries exposes a project to potential vulnerabilities and may put an application and its users at risk. Unfortunately, research on software ecosystems has shown that the number of...
conference paper 2023
Hejderup, J.I. (author), Beller, M.M. (author), Triantafyllou, K. (author), Gousios, G. (author)
Modern programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, and Rust encourage software reuse by hosting diverse and fast-growing repositories of highly interdependent packages (i.e., reusable libraries) for their users. The standard way to study the interdependence between software packages is to infer a package dependency network by parsing...
journal article 2022
Hejderup, J.I. (author), van Deursen, A. (author), Gousios, G. (author)
A popular form of software reuse is the use of open source software libraries hosted on centralized code repositories, such as Maven or npm. Developers only need to declare dependencies to external libraries, and automated tools make them available to the workspace of the project. Recent incidents, such as the Equifax data breach and the leftpad...
conference paper 2018