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Chen, Z. (author), Wang, Li jun (author), Du, Xiao jia (author), Sun, Zai hong (author), Li, Fu shen (author), Chou, Kuo Chih (author)
A commercial solid oxide fuel cell with a Ni/YSZ anode was characterized under a pure methane atmosphere. The amount of deposited carbon increased with an increase in temperature but decreased when the temperature exceeded 700°C. The reactivity of carbon decreased with increasing deposition temperature. Filamentous carbon was deposited from...
journal article 2019
Yáng, Z. (author), Harvey, A.S. (author), Infortuna, A. (author), Schoonman, J. (author), Gauckler, L.J. (author)
Bulk BaxSr1 - xCoyFe1 - yO3 - dBaxSr1?xCoyFe1?yO3? compositions (BSCF) were synthesized by the solid-state reaction method. The electrical conductivity of ceramic bars was measured using a dc four-probe method as a function of temperature in air up to 970 °C. All compositions showed thermally activated p-type semi-conductivity up to ~450 °C and...
journal article 2010