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Moncrieff, Neil (author)
A possible consequence of the contemporary re-evaluation of Dutch flood and water management strategies could be a return to more naturalistic estuarine conditions within the Southwest Delta. This has the potential to re-animate natural systems and habitats as well as bolster cultural connections to, and across, this landscape. <br/><br/>But how...
master thesis 2018
Ottevanger, E. (author)
Not any element describes the cultural identity better the Netherlands better than water. Who takes a look at the maps of Netherland spread through the centuries, realizes how structuring the water is for the Delta. The Dutch don’t panic when there is a large storm flood or when the riverbanks are flooded again. They deal with the water...
master thesis 2016
Den Besten, N. (author)
The invention of technology for land reclamation in the 10th century started a unique transformation in the delta. Sand plates were dike-ed and pumped and became polders. Examples of early harbor cities created on the dike-ring are Ooltgensplaat and Oude Tonge. These cities were founded at the main creek of a sand plate. The polders created a...
master thesis 2012