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Spinoza Andreo, Guilherme (author)
Geographic Information (GI) has proven its value with its ability to be used in various fields, which left numerous questions about how this data should be stored, used, and managed. To facilitate the sharing and reuse of spatial data, Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) emerged in the last decades and with the increase in Open Data, the belief...
master thesis 2022
Duarte De Almeida, José-Paulo (author), Haklay, Muki (author), Ellul, Claire (author), Carvalho, Maria-Manuel (author)
General mapping, and particularly cadastral mapping, is a highly expensive activity and many governments are no longer willing to continue covering the even increasing costs of surveys. As far as Portugal is concerned – our ultimate field of interest – ongoing 2D property cadastre surveys have revealed to be rather complex, laborious and...
conference paper 2014
van Loenen, B. (author), Huisman van Zijp, A. (author)
A geographic information infrastructure (GII) develops gradually. Several development stages may be identified each with unique characteristics. Also the organisational characteristics are likely to vary per stage. This knowledge was used to develop an SDI maturity matrix as presented by Kok and Van Loenen (2005), further developed in Van Loenen...
conference paper 2009