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Ghawana, T. (author), Hespanha, J. (author), Khandelwal, P. (author), Van Oosterom, P. (author)
Cadastral systems based on 2D spatial representation have served land administration and property management well for centuries. In India, the basic unit of the cadastral record is the land parcel, which is known as plot. Maintenance of land records with ownership; assessment of tax on the property and tax collection is the responsibility of...
conference paper 2013
Ghawana, T. (author), Hespanha, J.P. (author), Zevenbergen, J.A. (author), Van Oosterom, P.J.M. (author)
Supporting the management of rights related to groundwater based on input from hydrogeology software is contributing to bridging the gap between the technical and administrative aspects of groundwater management. The research reported herein is focused on a specific example (or ‘use case’ in UML terminology), resulting from a court action by...
conference paper 2011