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Chen, Shuangyun (author)
The activity of the urban tourists can confine to distinct urban tourist zones, the tourist bubbles. It causes segregation between city life and the tourist area. The thesis digs into this phenomenon with Hangzhou as the case city. The goal of the project is to reintroduce the locals into the tourist area and invite the tourists to explore the...
master thesis 2020
Zivali, T. (author)
The war in former Yugoslavia has been over since 15 years, but in a lot of cities and communities the consequences of this time are still remarkable; not only by observing the condition of buildings or spaces, but also in the way the society has developed in these cities. One of them is Mostar. The city is also known by the post-war situation...
master thesis 2013
Visco, F. (author)
This is an infill/parasite housing project. The site is the corner in a typical urban block of the city of Berlin. The urban position of the project was based on the idea that "A city must be read as a carpet of fragments, as a continuum sequence of SPATIAL and PROGRAMMATIC PATTERNS." My design proposal is for a new fragment of the patchwork...
master thesis 2011