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Amoozandeh, A. (author)
Industrial passive exoskeletons have been developed for years as a tool to reduce the physical workload of their users. They accomplish this by compensating for the user’s body weight and decreasing fatigue caused by repetitive loads. Despite their advantages, current exoskeletons have drawbacks that make them less convenient for users and thus...
doctoral thesis 2023
Amoozandeh, A. (author), Radaelli, G. (author), van de Sande, W.W.P.J. (author), van Ostayen, R.A.J. (author), Herder, J.L. (author)
Compliant mechanisms (CM) with adaptive stiffness have been widely used in robotics and machine design applications. This paper proposes adapting the endpoint stiffness of a spatially curved compliant beam using a movable torsional stiffener and a new graphical characterization method for the resulting anisotropic stiffness of the endpoint...
journal article 2022