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Holzhauer, H. (author), Borsje, B.W. (author), Herman, P.M.J. (author), Schipper, C.A. (author), Wijnberg, K.M. (author)
As a response to climate change and sea-level rise, new nourishment strategies for low-lying sandy coasts are developed. These interventions affect the habitat quality of coastal ecosystems for benthic communities. Unraveling the relationship between benthic fauna and their environment facilitates the design of sustainable management...
journal article 2022
Holzhauer, H. (author), Borsje, Bas W. (author), van Dalfsen, Jan A. (author), Wijnberg, Kathelijne M. (author), Hulscher, Suzanne J.M.H. (author), Herman, P.M.J. (author)
The composition of benthic species communities in the nearshore zone is closely related to the hydrodynamic and morphodynamic conditions. Sustainable management of the coastal ecosystem requires knowledge about the natural dynamics as well as human-induced changes on the ecosystem. To improve our knowledge of the benthic species distribution...
journal article 2020