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Nguyên, Hà (author)
A sea-dike system is of importance for the protection of the hinterland. However, the effect of very gentle and shallow sloping foreshores (in the order up to 1 in 1000) on wave overtopping processes has not yet been quantified enough and, thus, so far is not well understood. This dissertation seeks an answer to the question of whether the...
doctoral thesis 2022
Hofland, Bas (author), Chen, X. (author), Altomare, Corrado (author), Oosterlo, P. (author)
During the last decades, the spectral wave period <i>T</i><sub>m-1,0</sub> has become accepted as a characteristic wave period when describing the hydraulic attack on coastal structures, especially over shallow foreshores. In this study, we derive an empirical prediction formula for <i>T</i><sub>m-1,0</sub> on shallow to extremely shallow...
journal article 2017