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Rosin, T. R. (author), Kapelan, Z. (author), Keedwell, E. (author), Romano, M. (author)
Blockages are a major issue for wastewater utilities around the world, causing loss of service, environmental pollution, and significant cleanup costs. Increasing telemetry in combined sewer overflows (CSOs) provides the opportunity for near real-time data-driven modelling of wastewater networks. This paper presents a novel methodology,...
journal article 2022
Chen, P. (author), Fu, Xiuju (author), Ma, Stefan (author), Xu, Hai Yan (author), Zhang, Wanbing (author), Xiao, Gaoxi (author), Siow Mong Goh, Rick (author), Xu, George (author), Ching Ng, Lee (author)
Dengue has been as an endemic with year-round presence in Singapore. In the recent years 2013, 2014, and 2016, there were several severe dengue outbreaks, posing serious threat to the public health. To proactively control and mitigate the disease spread, early warnings of dengue outbreaks, at which there are rapid and large-scale spread of...
journal article 2020
Mestrom, Pascal (author)
The thesisproject concerns the development of a methodology to connect data, from theAirbus department in Stade, with each other and find relationships between themwhich lead to a prioritising tool with which justifiable decisions can bededuced in order to plan which Measurement System Analysis (MSA) to conductnext, focusing...
master thesis 2019