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Schallig, Wouter (author), van den Noort, Josien C. (author), McCahill, Jennifer (author), Stebbins, Julie (author), Leardini, Alberto (author), Maas, Mario (author), Harlaar, J. (author), van der Krogt, Marjolein M. (author)
Background: The Oxford Foot Model (OFM) and Rizzoli Foot Model (RFM) are the two most frequently used multi-segment models to measure foot kinematics. However, a comprehensive comparison of the kinematic output of these models is lacking. Research question: What are the differences in kinematic output between OFM and RFM during normal gait...
journal article 2020
Booth, Brian G. (author), Keijsers, Noël L.W. (author), Sijbers, Jan (author), Huysmans, T. (author)
<br/>Background<br/><br/>Pedobarography produces large sets of plantar pressure samples that are routinely subsampled (e.g. using regions of interest) or aggregated (e.g. center of pressure trajectories, peak pressure images) in order to simplify statistical analysis and provide intuitive clinical measures.<br/><br/>Research Question<br/><br/>We...
journal article 2018
Den Dekker, A.J. (author), Poot, D.H.J. (author), Bos, R. (author), Sijbers, J. (author)
Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data that are corrupted by temporally colored noise are generally preprocessed (i.e., prewhitened or precolored) prior to functional activation detection. In this paper, we propose likelihood-based hypothesis tests that account for colored noise directly within the framework of functional activation...
journal article 2009