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Csillag, Fruzsina (author), Pavlovic, M. (author)
The main challenge for realizing competitive hybrid steel-FRP structures, such as bridges, carparks, is to make the steel and FRP components work together. In this study shear resistance, stiffness and ductility of three types of demountable bolted shear connectors are examined. Two blind-bolted M20 shear connectors and a novel, injected...
journal article 2021
Csillag, Fruzsina (author), Thie, Edwin (author), Pavlovic, M. (author)
Demountable connectors have been rarely applied in steel-FRP hybrid structures due to the lack of research, which could prove their reliable structural performance. In typical applications, e.g. in multi-girder hybrid decks, the connectors are not only subjected to longitudinal shear forces, but also to substantial tensile forces originated...
conference paper 2019