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Draukšas, Simonas (author)
Bicycle safety is quickly becoming an increasingly important field as the number of electric bicycles on the streets grows faster each year. E-bikes are able to accelerate quicker and travel at faster speeds than conventional bicycles, increasing the severity of injuries in case of an accident. There are a number of ways to improve safety, such...
master thesis 2022
Dialynas, G. (author), Happee, R. (author), Schwab, A.L. (author)
Since the 1800s, the design of bicycles involves a mechanical linkage between the handlebar and the fork assembly. Herein, we propose an innovation, where the traditional mechanical connection between the handlebar and fork is decoupled and replaced with sensors, servomo-tors and a microcontroller allowing artificial manipulation of the bicycle...
conference paper 2018
Appelman, N. (author)
Already for some time, electronic enhancements regarding vehicle behavior has made its way into the aviation and automotive industry by the term "by-wire" technology. Electronic sensors and actuators are used to replace traditional mechanical systems in which software is used to operate the actuators in a way that is not possible with...
master thesis 2012