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Sewalt, E.J.G. (author), Kalkman, J. (author), van Ommen, J.R. (author), Meesters, G.M.H. (author), van Steijn, V. (author)
Properties of powders produced from drying solute-containing droplets arise from the dynamic redistribution of solute during drying. While insights on the dynamic redistribution are instrumental for the rational design of powders and for the optimized operation of equipment such as spray dryers, experimental techniques that allow measuring...
journal article 2022
Sewalt, E.J.G. (author), Zhang, F. (author), van Steijn, V. (author), van Ommen, J.R. (author), Meesters, G.M.H. (author)
Sticking of particles has a tremendous impact on powder-processing industries, especially for hygroscopic amorphous powders. A wide variety of experimental methods has been developed to measure at what combinations of temperature and moisture content material becomes sticky. This review describes, for each method, how so-called stickiness...
journal article 2021
Groen, Johan C. (author), Kooijman, Wim (author), van Belzen, Djamilla (author), Meesters, G.M.H. (author), Schütz, Denis (author), Aschl, Timothy (author), Verolme, Patrick (author)
Unwanted changes in powder flow behavior can unexpectedly occur when a product is exposed to certain conditions of temperature and humidity. This can happen during production, but also during transport or storage. The work reported here demonstrates the novel approach of using an amended powder rheology set-up for measuring and predicting...
journal article 2020