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Van der Linden, L.G. (author)
In this master thesis the residual circulation in the North Sea is investigated. It has been shown that the numerical models used in this thesis (DCSMv5 and DCSMv6) give a rather low representation of the actual circulation pattern in the North Sea. The dominating forces which cause residual currents in the North Sea are the tidal forcings,...
master thesis 2014
Van Veen, J. (author)
The Straits ofDover are in certain ways to be considered as the root ofthe Flemish-Dutch coast as far as Texel and as the place where the most influential part of the tidal phenomena along this coast originates. Some uncertainty existed about the influence of a supposed enlargement of these Straits which was expressed in the following two...
report 1936
van Veen, J. (author), Verhagen, H.J. (author)
Manuscript met aantekeningen van Johan van Veen over kustmorfologie. Van Veen heeft ten behoeve van zijn promotieonderzoek alle op dat moment beschikbare literatuur over kustmorfologie in relatie tot de Noordzeekust bestudeerd. Dit cahier is een weerslag van die studie, met eigen kritische opmerkingen. Het is de basis van het later verschenen...
report 1934