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Bhagwat, P.C. (author), Richstein, J.C. (author), Chappin, E.J.L. (author), Iychettira, K.K. (author), De Vries, Laurens (author)
The cross-border effects of a capacity market and a strategic reserve in interconnected electricity markets are modeled using an agent-based modeling methodology. Both capacity mechanisms improve the security of supply and reduce consumer costs. Our results indicate that interconnections do not affect the effectiveness of a capacity market,...
journal article 2017
Bhagwat, P.C. (author)
The push for clean energy has caused a rapid growth of renewables in the electricity supply mix of the EU. Although one would assume that the impact of these technologies is entirely positive, recent research and experience indicate that there is reason for concern namely regarding the security of supply. In this context, the concern is how...
doctoral thesis 2016
Bhagwat, P.C. (author), Richstein, J.C. (author), Chappin, E.J.L. (author), De Vries, Laurens (author)
To ensure sufficient investment in electricity generation capacity, mechanisms such as strategic reserves are being considered or already implemented. We analyze the effectiveness of a strategic reserve in the presence of a growing portfolio share of renewable energy sources (RES) with EMLab-Generation, an agent-based electricity market model...
journal article 2016