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Stouten, David (author)
This study aims to establish a framework for the growing number of trend analyses that have been performed on river flows in Europe. Most studies apply statistical trend test to fixed periods with relatively short records. Fixed periods are crucial for trend testing, as they provide an appropriate visualisation in a geographical sense. However,...
master thesis 2023
Hoogelander, Vincent (author)
In this thesis, an easily reproducible modeling approach was developed for assessing the climate change impact on streamflow. This approach was tested by using it to assess the impact of climate change on streamflow in 5 different contrasting catchments across the United States. Many studies show that climate change is expected to influence...
master thesis 2022
van der Ven, Mizzi (author)
Hydrologic model performance evaluation depends on streamflow observations that are accurately positioned in the landscape. For distributed hydrologic models, this means that the streamflow observation need to be mapped to a location along the model streamflow network that represents the location of the observation station in a hydrologic system...
master thesis 2021