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Yan, R. (author)
High-strength steel (HSS) has higher strength but lower ductility than mild steel. The cross-section of the structural members may be reduced using HSS instead of mild steel, provided the buckling of elements does not govern the failure. The reduced member size benefits the environment and economy by means of less energy consumption, less carbon...
doctoral thesis 2023
Yan, R. (author), Xin, Haohui (author), Veljkovic, M. (author)
The use of high strength steel (HSS) cold-formed hollow section is of significant interest in the construction sector due to competitive costs. The accurate simulation of ductile fracture failure at the micro and macro scale is critical for improving the validity of predicting structural behaviour of HSS cold-formed hollow sections and welded...
journal article 2021
Coppejans, Okko (author)
This master thesis is built up around two questions. First: Is it possible to calibrate a ductile failure model, where the strain at failure is a function of stress triaxiality and Lode angle, using only a single SENB specimen? The failure model that is referred to describes local failure in a finite element model to simulate ductile fracture....
master thesis 2017