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Kalaichelvi Senthil Kumar, Ganesh ShriRaam (author)
Given the desire to construct more structures using sustainable building materials, demand for wood and other bio-based building materials has risen dramatically over the decade. While timber itself is a carbon-neutral material and can sometimes even be carbon-negative, reusing wooden structural members made that have been in service for several...
master thesis 2023
Ouali, Mouad (author)
The Dutch infrastructure counts many bridges, the majority of which are built in concrete. These bridges have been designed and constructed according to safety codes. A lot of these bridges date from the previous century and have been designed conform outdated safety codes. Therefore, the main problem<br/>of these bridges is the uncertainty with...
master thesis 2021
Schouten, Matthijs (author)
As collisions between aircraft and birds happen many thousands of times every year, all aspects of such impact events need to be taken into account in the process of designing an aircraft. One aspect that poses a risk is caused by the vibrations induced during bird impact. These vibrations are propagated through the aircraft structure by stress...
master thesis 2020