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Vos, Bart E. (author), Martinez Torres, C.E. (author), Burla, Federica (author), Weisel, John W. (author), Koenderink, G.H. (author)
Fibrin is an elastomeric protein forming highly extensible fiber networks that provide the scaffold of blood clots. Here we reveal the molecular mechanisms that explain the large extensibility of fibrin networks by performing in situ small angle X-ray scattering measurements while applying a shear deformation. We simultaneously measure shear...
journal article 2020
Dias Ribeiro de Carvalho, V.I. (author)
Proteins are one of the most important constituents of cells, since they are responsible for various processes such as replication, translation, etc. Interestingly, proteins are also responsible for the degradation of proteins that do not assemble well, and/or which are not necessary anymore inside the cell. This process of proteins destruction...
doctoral thesis 2018