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Cazaux, S.M. (author), Arribard, Yann (author), Egorov, D. (author), Palotás, Julianna (author), Hoekstra, Ronnie (author), Berden, Giel (author), Oomens, Jos (author), Schlathölter, Thomas (author)
The solar magnetic field (SMF) has historically been considered as dipole in order to build models of the radially expanding corona, that is, the solar wind in the solar minimum. The simplified approach suggests the existence of only one quasi-stationary current sheet (QCS) of solar origin in the heliosphere, namely, the heliospheric current...
journal article 2019
Molera Calvés, G. (author), Pogrebenko, S.V. (author), Cimò, G. (author), Duev, D.A. (author), Bocanegra-Bahamón, T.M. (author), Wagner, J.F. (author), Kallunki, J. (author), De Vicente, P. (author), Kronschnabl, G. (author), Haas, R. (author), Quick, J. (author), Maccaferri, G. (author), Colucci, G. (author), Wang, W.H. (author), Yang, W.J. (author), Hao, L.F. (author)
Aims. The phase scintillation of the European Space Agency’s Venus Express (VEX) spacecraft telemetry signal was observed at X-band (? = 3.6 cm) with a number of radio telescopes of the European Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) Network in the period 2009–2013. Methods. We found a phase fluctuation spectrum along the Venus orbit with a...
journal article 2014