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Willard, Tijmen (author)
The water quality of the Brantas river in Indonesia is of concern to several agencies on East Java. These agencies all measure its water quality in their own way in terms of locations, rhythms and parameters. The goal of this thesis is to find out if these agencies measure the same and if not, how these measurements differ. From these...
master thesis 2022
Visser, Swaen (author)
In Indonesia, river pollution due to inorganic solid waste has become an enormous issue. This article explores the (re)production of relations between communities, river and inorganic solid waste in the Surabaya River Basin. It does so by analysing activities based on interviews, observations and measurements. It tries to explain the current...
master thesis 2019
Yang Yue, Y. (author)
This thesis presents a ComMod applications in Surabaya River basin, Indonesia. The ComMod approach was applied in parallel with the Negotiated Approach (NA). The NA is developed based on rich experiences in capacity building for IWRM, aiming to empower local communities in WRM at a high level. In this ComMod application, the NA provides a...
master thesis 2016